• With incuda BI you can create your own dashboards.

    You define your KPIs and target numbers. Variance analysis, previous year comparision, and trends will be automatically calculated.

    Of couse you are able to drill-down to detail data on a month and day level.

  • Visitor and customer journeys across all contact channels (online, offline) and across all user devices are the basis to precisely manage online marketing campaigns and products by profit contributions or customer value.

    Using your own data, you will measure customer activity more precisely over all channels and devices.

  • Customer lifecycle, customer value, RFM activities, and affinity segments form the basis for personalised and segment based customer development and activation.

    Customer segments, scores and migration analysis support enable you to select customers and prospects for optimized marketing activities.

  • Cohort analysis is a tried and tested approach to identify profitable marketing channels for winning new customers.

    With incuda BI you will be able to analyze cohorts by various KPIs and group them by channels, campaigns, product segments or customer profiles.


  • incuda BI offers more than 50 predefined reports and dashboards.

    And in addition, you will be able to create your own reports and analysis, with no programming skills required and with out waiting for your IT department: with incuda BI you stay independent and flexible.

  • incuda BI offers more than 20 logical database views.

    Power analysts are able to create their own logical database views, they can choose from data in over 100 tables in incuda BI's data model. On top you will have a sandbox area, to integrate your additional data.

  • incuda BI integrates data from many source systems. Up-to-date documentation is essential for users to use and interpret the data correctly.

    With our automated report documentation, glossaries and table of contents you stay informed.

  • KPIs and trends anytime and any place: with incuda BI you access your data via web, email subscription, mobile device or directly from a database client.

    With incuda BI your data is always available to you.

We focus on e-commerce and RETAIL

Our data model includes the revenue and profit drivers of e-commerce and retail:

Marketing spend, gross and net revenue, or profit contribution 1+2.

User contacts are consolidated in a single place in our Data Warehouse, across all campaigns, shops, and user devices.

You have access to all your revenues, costs and customer contact data in one system.

Do not start from scratch! Profit from our best practices BI and Data Warehouse solution.

  • The solution for local and global shops, clubs, deals platforms, and multi-channel retailers

  • Supporting of multi-channel, multi-client and multi-currency

  • Integration of online marketing & social networks. Analyse multi-channel amd multi-step customer contacts

  • User segmentation by RFM, ABC, lifecycle , lifetime value

We focus on DETAIL

Use detailed data on visitor behaviour, match marketing spend to single visitors, products or orders.

Analyse the full contact history of your customers in one place.

Act on the data: select customers and members  for campaigns, built your personalised offers, support customer care and product management.

Create value out of your data!




  • All detailed data in one system:
    visit, basket, customers, orders, article variation...

  • A single user view across all devices.

  • Add your own segmentations and profiles,

"Previously, our IT department was forced to build time-consuming and hard-to-maintain custom analytic functions. We are now able to easily track KPIs from internetstores’ 30-plus self-owned e-commerce platforms."

Burkhard Wagner, Leiter IT internetstores GmbH

www.fahrrad.de , www.campz.de , www.bikester.se , www.bruegelmann.de

We data-drive your GROWTH

Detail and precision are critical, but speed is also essential in e-commerce and retail.

You have access to all the detail data you need to make your fact-based decisions.

Use our self-service BI Portal or access the Data Warehouse directly with the tools of your choice.

Make use of our best practice BI and Data Warehouse solution to grow your business. 

  • Ready-made dashboards, reports and KPIs

  • Full access to the data. Connect with your BI and analytical tools

  • Self-service BI features make your business users more independent from IT

READY to go, scalable & secure

Connect your source systems fast and easy with our standard connectors. Then you analyse your data in our predefined dashboards and reports.

You grow your traffic and revenues, have new analysis requirements or need access for additional employees? Our product offering grows with your business.

Your data is hosted in a German data center and access is provided via HTTPS and VPN only.

incuda BI offers you a scalable and secure best practice BI and Data Warehouse solution for e-commerce and retail.

  • Standard connectors for shops, web tracking, online marketing...

  • Scalable infrastructure and pricing models

  • Data resides in a German data center and is protected by German and EU data protection laws

Wie schnell können Sie starten?

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