Franz Posch | April 15, 2019

Content Journey Attribution

It can be challenging for companies to get into the minds of their customers. Our product journey provides more insights into the different customer interactions. Article in German See full pdf.

Amir Arres | March 05, 2019

Multichannel Marketing Attribution

It’s important to understand the most effective channels. In a multi-channel world, attribution is complex and marketers want to know how to want to know how to allocate their budget. See full pdf.

Mikayil Murad | February 22, 2019

Retail Industry: A Data-Driven Change

The retail industry is witnessing significant change, and data pioneers that are responding to this change are growing fast. See full pdf.

Amir Arres | October 30, 2018

Magic Quadrant "Renner Penner"

The role of the shop and category manager is challenging as they strive to provide customers with good shopping experience.See full pdf.

Tobias Krebs | August 8, 2016

The E-Commerce is growing fast and its data-driven

For a Business Intelligence solution to function properly, the right and up to date data is required for a successful change.

Tobias Krebs | September 3, 2015

Web Shop: on the road to success with a good Business Intelligence solution

Adopting a data-driven culture is one of the key drivers for web shop optimization especially in the areas of customer acquisition, purchasing and warehousing, and conversion optimization.